PTFE Coated Glass Fiber Fabrics

PTFE Non Adhesive

We offer Tygaflor® PTFE-coated woven fiberglass fabric. Extremely low friction coefficients, making the material useful as a sliding surface.

The fabrics temperature resistance (up to +260ºC) also makes it suitable as a release medium on the welding jaws of packaging machines. The material has very high resistance to chemicals. PTFE coated Kevlar®fabric available as an alternative where the mechanical demands.

PTFE with Adhesive

Adhesive glass cloth with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on one side. We keep in stock a variety of grades and thicknesses. Both in the full width and the cut widths. Protective foil covers the adhesive layer. Operating temperature is from -70ºC to +260ºC.

Other PTFE

Tygaflor® fiberglass or Kevlar® fabric, coated with PTFE are available both as a dense web of different thicknesses, and with varying mesh opening. Unique release properties, temperature resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and low weight makes the materials suitable for conveyor belts to a variety of purposes in industry.

For example, in the microwave, RF, UV, IR and cooling applications in industry. Material suitable for thermal protection in the industry are also available in the portfolio.