Crosslinked Cables

High-temperature cables were designed to withstand extreme conditions in sectors such as the Household Appliance, Electromechanical, Electrical Technology, Railway and Naval Construction industries and many others. Unique material, both in terms of its chemical composition and its applications. Crosslinked elastomer-insulated wires and cables offer exceptional properties: temperature resistant up to +150°C, excellent mechanical strength, halogen free, and improved fire / smoke behaviour.

Our products comply with the main international standards governing the electrical cabling industry.

Our crosslinked cables are customizable.

Italian Cable Company


Varpren insulated cable (special rubber).

Voltage: 600/1000V

Temperature: -40°C – 155°C


Varpren insulated cables (special rubber).

Voltage: 450/750V, 600/1000V

Temperature: -50°C – 155°C


Varpren insulated cables (special rubber).

Voltage: 300/300V

Temperature: -10°C – 150°C

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