High Temperature Cables

All types of high temperature cables ranging up to -60 to +1400 ° C.

Our high temp cables are designed to withstand harsh and extreme conditions in multiple industrial sectors.

Silicone Cables

Halogen-free high-temp silicone cable suitable for example as wiring in luminaries, heaters, ovens, griddles, etc., where cables is continuously exposed to high temperatures (temperature range -60 ° C to +180 °C). It is also used as ignition cable in special fixtures.

Fluoropolymer Cables

Halogen-free silicone insulated single conductors for high temperature (temperature range -60 ºC to +250 ºC). We offer this type of cable in a variety of colors and in different designs, both single and double insulated and with various approvals.

Cross-Linked Cables

Cross-linked elastomer-insulated wires and cables offer exceptional properties: temperature resistant up to +150°C, excellent mechanical strength, halogen free, and improved fire / smoke behaviour.

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