High Tech Cables

Wide range of High-Tech cables for dynamic installation in the field of automation and robotics, cables for instrumentation, signalling and data transmission, cables for vertical, flat and self-supporting applications, high temperature products and cables insulated with special materials to guarantee high performance. Furthermore, in the green technology field: cables for wiring intended for products in the e-mobility sector.

ICC High-Tech cables intended for specific applications and harsh conditions of use.

High-tech cables can be customized and are certified and manufactured accordingly to EU regulations and standards.

Italian Cable Company

Industrial Automation & Robotics

Both fixed and dynamic use cables for industrial automation and robotics are suitable, for example, for drag chain installation, in aggressive ambient and with heavy mechanical stresses.

Available with flame retardant and Oil resistant PVC sheath, or with HFFR Polyurethane sheath, with excellent resistance to abrasion and oils, suitable for high performances dynamic use, with high speed and acceleration. The cables can be equipped with a screen to optimally protect the signals from electromagnetic disturbances, typical of the industrial environment.

Industrial Applications

Products for instrumentations includes multi-pair/triad/quad cables for the transmission of analog or digital signals, suitable for different industrial applications.

The cables are designed with total shielding or with the addition of individual shield on the single element, pair or triad. Available with PVC, XLPE, PE Insulation and sheath, or with LSZH low smoke emission compound, without the development of toxic and corrosive gases, with flame retardant properties and particular resistance to oils / hydrocarbons or UV rays.

Products are also available in armored version to guarantee mechanical protection in outdoor installations or where necessary.

Special Applications

The products dedicated to special applications are intended for use in specific areas, for which high performance and certifications requirements are requested.

Cables insulated with fluoropolymers, special and irradiated techno-polymers, high-performance silicone and PVC compounds, used especially on industrial, electronics, mechatronics, chemical, naval, railway, aeronautical and automotive sectors.

In the Green Technology field, we offer cables for wiring intended for products in the e-mobility sector.

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