Cables & Wires

We provide great range of various cables and wires in different material and textures. PVC-insulated cables and thermoplastic-insulated cables are used as an electrical separation between conductors of a cable. We also offer earthing braids ready to be customized and suited for the right application and sector.

All of our products comply with the cable and wiring standards including HAR and other necessary certificates.

Italian Cable Company


PVC is a shortage and an acronym of polyvinyl chloride. The material is used as an insulation protection for the electrical cable. The property flexibility of these cables is wide. Water resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant are just some of the properties of PVC-cables.

Thermoplastic Cables

Thermoplastic cables are used as a material that insulate and sheaths the electrical cables from damage. Halogen-free cables with good insulating properties, mechanical strength and good flexibility. The cables are manufactured to suit a wide range of applications.

Earthing Braids

Earthing braids in both round and flat shape can be offered in red or tinned copper. The braids are supplied either by the meter or ready assembled with connectors. Standard products are complemented by grounding braid in a special model made according to customer requirements.

Other Cables

A variation of special cables with specific qualities and attributes. Non-ordinary products are displayed.

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