Corrugated Tubes

We offer corrugated tubes from Schlemmer, both plastic and metal for various applications, regardless of whether high flexibility or stability is required. Thanks to the great diversity of designs, they are used not only in the automotive industry, but also in various industrial sectors.

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Protective, corrugated tubes in metal are available as purely metal tubes or as metal tubes with plastic sheathing. As metal tubes are considerably heavier than plastic tubes and have a smaller bending radius, they are used primarily in the industrial sector.

They show their talents particularly well by covering larger temperature ranges, and by providing reliable EMC protection and mechanical resistance. They are often used as protection for electrical cables or fibre optics, as suction, feed and refrigerant tubes.


We offer various materials, depending on the required temperature range, mechanical and chemical resistance. Especially in the plastics segment, you will find a wide variety of profiles, materials and nominal sizes you can adapt individually to your own requirements. You can even procure our Polyflex Gigant in nominal sizes of up to 95mm.

Whether slit, closed or perforated, all our Polyflex tubes are highly resistant to mechanical loads whilst at the same time being flexible and suitable for temperature ranges between -40°C and +260°C.

Do you need a tube that can also be used in the tightest of radii? The flat interior corrugation of our Ultra Flat Wave profile necessitates a large interior area of support and thus offers very good protection from vibration damage. In addition, the UFW profile excels with its high pressure resistance.

Other Profiles

► Normal

► Polyflex Twin (two-part sealable tube that can be divided longitudinally)

► High Flex

► Rough

► Japanese Industrial Standard

► Automotive High Wave

► Marten protection

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