Braided Sleeves

Braided sleeves are flexible, tubular coverings made from materials such as nylon, polyester, fiberglass, or metal wire, which are woven together in a braided pattern. Braided sleeves provide protection and insulation for wires, cables, hoses, and other components in a wide range of industrial, automotive, military and electronic applications.

Polyester expandable sleeving

Polyester expandable sleeving is consists of modified polyester monofilament. It offers lightweight, flame retardant and excellent abrasion resistance.

The high expansion ratio allows it could be easily cover through the large cable connectors.

Polyester expandable sleeving is used to protect the automotive rubber hose, wire harnesses against mechanical abrasion, fire resistance and fluid resistance.

Auto expandable sleeving

Auto expandable sleeving is made of larger Nylon 6.6 and smaller polyester monofilament mixed braiding, the dual monofilament construction offers durable abrasion resistance and oil resistance in a wide range of industrial applications.

It is lightweight and the expandable structure allows for easy to install over long lengths.

Expandable sleeving is used to cover cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses where need extremely anti-abrasion in automotive, railway and panel board field.

PPS Braided Expandable Sleeving

VO PPS braided expandable sleeving is made of PolyPhenylene Sulfide (PPS) monofilament which meet UL94 V-0 standard raw material. It offers high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature stability, with low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability function.

PPS braided expandable sleeving is widely used in the following fields: automotive, railways, aerospace, telecom and military where needs high flame retardant and high temperature resistance.

Nylon 66 braided expandable sleeving

Nylon expandable sleeving is made of nylon 6.6 monofilament which offers excellent performance of abrasion resistance, it is tough, flexible, light weight and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity, the open-weave construction enables each size to expand to fit several sizes and shapes.

Nylon expandable sleeving is most commonly used to protect wire harnesses, cable assemblies, water hose, air-condition pipes, fluid pipes in automotive, railway, electronic, and telecom industry.

EMI Shielding expandable sleeving

EMI Shielding expandable sleeving is made of tinned copper wire and polyester monofilament mix braiding, It’s specially designed for mechanical wear resistance and anti-electromagnetic for the automotive wire harness.

The important feature is that it’s more suitable for operating in the narrow space because of the material’s high flexibility, meanwhile it is much lighter, softer and cost effective than the normal tinned copper sleeving.

EMI Shielding expandable sleeving is widely used in automotive wire harness field, it can provide wear resistance, EMI shielding and anti-signal interference for the harnesses.

Self-closing wrap

Self-closing wrap is a non-expandable sleeving woven from monofilament (weft) and multifilament (warp) polyester yarns. It is lightweight, dustproof, flame retardant, cost-effective and highly abrasion resistance, the split open design allows easy install on the cable harness which has been assembled.

Self-closing wrap is most commonly be used on wire harnesses, cable assemblies, tubes and cables to provide a tough, durable protection in automotive, telecom, automatic equipment, railways and panel boards

Waved self closing wrap

Waved self closing wrap is a new type of self-closing wrap, it consists of special modified monofilament and multifilament yarns. It has excellent abrasion resistance, noise reduction, meanwhile it is very easy for installation and removal.

Waved self closing wrap is widely used on wire harnesses, tubes and hoses providing a tough and durable protection in telecom, railway, automotive, equipments and machines.

Aluminum foil corrugated conduit

Aluminum foil corrugated conduit is constructed of 3 layers, the middle layer is made of fiberglass yarn braiding, the inside and outside layer are both covered by aluminium foil. The special design provides excellent long-term heat protection for the rubber hose, wire harness and cables in the high temperature area, engine room.

Aluminium foil corrugated conduit provides heat reflection and heat resistance protection for a wide range of industries and applications, including automotive, railway, engines and transformers.

Aluminum heat reflect fiberglass sleeving

Aluminium heat reflect fiberglass sleeving is special designed by laminating an aluminized metallic heat shield to a layer of strong and tight braided fiberglass yarn. A special manufacturing process permits the sleeve to boast a virtually seamless and non-fraying construction.

This aluminized fiberglass sleeve reflects more than 95% of the radiant energy that hits its surface, keeping the underlying cables, hoses and wires cool. Aluminium heat reflect fiberglass sleeving offers perfect heat reflect and protection for automotive rubber hose, wire harness near engine room with high temperature environment

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