Wire & Cable Protection

The wide product range offers a comprehensive cable protection solution for all types of cable, hose and pipe the mechanical & abrasion protection, noise reduction, electrical insulation, thermal protection, radiant heat protection and electromagnetic shielding.

We provide you with the latest technology and the best cable protection system in the market, customized for your business. We have chosen our manufactures with care to give our customers the best shielding for cables as possible. Using protection for your cables, increases their lifetime due to the barrier that keeps them from damaging force.

Cable protection products are widely used in automobile, railway, telecom, hydraulic heavy machinery, electronic, defence and aerospace field.

All of our products are certified and approved.

schlemmer Junction Boxes

Corrugated Tubes

We offer corrugated tubes from Schlemmer, one of the most leading manufactures in cable protection solutions. We provide both plastic and metal for various applications, regardless of whether high flexibility or stability is required. Our products include a wide range of robust tubes, depending on the temperature the corrugated tubes will function in.

Thanks to the great diversity of designs, they are used not only in the automotive industry, but also in various industrial sectors.

Braided Sleeves

Braided sleeves are commonly used for the purpose of package and protect the cables from external damaging factors in demanding environments. Our products are manufactured to resist great electromagnetic & radiant heat pressure.

Because of our wide variety of braided sleeves, we have the ability to provide you with products with great flexible functionalities, adaptable to every industrial section. The products are very easily applied and removed on and provide the cables with persistent protection.

Glass Fiber Tubing

We provide glass fiber tubing from E.Borgeois in various embodiments and with various temperature ranges.  It is a insulating sleeve of silicone rubber coated fiberglass sock. Resists temperatures up to +250°C. Unimpregnated glass fiber tubes for temperatures up to +460°C. Stored in a variety of dimensions and insulation classes, adaptable to perform in every industrial sector.

Shrinking Tubes

Shrinking tubes is an electrical insulation. With applied heat, it forms itself to fit the cable package underneath. DSG-Canusa Shrinking tubes are offered in several materials (polyolefin, PVC, PTFE, FEP, Kynar®, and Viton®), colors and dimensions. The tubes are available with or without hot melt adhesives, and halogen. Even UL-/CSA-approved shrink tubing are available in our product range.

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