Cable Grip

Cable Grips sometimes known as cable socks, cable stockings or towing socks, can be used whenever a cable or other cylindrical object needs to be pulled or supported. Care should be taken to use the correct size and strength of grip to suit your particular needs.

Single Eye

CGM manufacture a complete range of single eye cable grips for pulling and supporting operations where one anchor point is available.

Double Eye

Cable Grips (Minehead) Ltd offer a comprehensive range of double eye grips where two anchor points exist for either pulling or supporting. Grips are available in galvanised or stainless steel or in a non-conductive material. Please note that the MBS of stainless steel grips is 10% below that of galvanised.

Mid Span

Mid Span Grips are used primarily for re-roping cranes or pulling in new cables with old cable. Where there is a significant torque in one or both ends it may be preferable to use a swivel or the 812 range of grips.

Bespoke Ranges of Cable Grips

Grips in our standard ranges should enable you to safely and economically pull or support cable in most situations. However there are a number of grips that have been designed for specific uses that are regularly manufactured these are listed in the following pages. For details of sizes, prices and specifications etc please contact us and we would be pleased to quote for your requirements.


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